Saturday, January 25, 2014

Social Description

HG220 terminology and Society Assignment -- Research Paper approach pattern groups of 4 students. You go out write a 6- to 10-page typewritten investigate paper on a socio lingual topic. You should include learned sources (do not include websites unless you digest verify that these are bookish sources). ? The enquiry paper is collect in week 12. serious write to your tutor and a soft copy finished and through Safe Assignment in our course edventure site. Your grant impart focus on ONE of the following 5 come across topics in the sociolinguistics of capital of capital of Singapore: multilingualism in Singapore the sociolinguistics of a vocabulary group in Singapore (eg. Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian) the sociolinguistics of English in Singapore code-switching and code-mixing in Singapore language and gender in Singapore (Open topic) looking language in Singapore preference You can favor another multilingual society or else of Singapore; for example, Malaysia or Hong Kong. Methodology See your tutor when you have archetype through the topic. The research papers will be order on the following criteria: 1. The research paper explores the topic adequately (is wholesome researched). 2. The literature is current and relevant. 3. The research data quiet is trance both in quality and amount (relative to the length of the paper). 4. The research methodology is well thought out and well implemented. 5. The research paper is well-organized, concise and well written. Please take become the LMS assignment guidelines. Sample Research Questions: What will be the linguistic situation in Singapore in 20 historic period time? Do I (or tidy substance around me) check out words differently when I speak to different people? Differences in the use of label/address terms amongst Singaporean and UK/US/Oz newspapers. Vocabulary diff erences amidst Singaporean magazines for wo! men and for men. The phrasal idiom of my home town/village. The resort area language...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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